The Raspberry Pi’s Are Coming

Long ago in a blog far away, I declared I was going to do some projects. Well now I’ve got three Raspberry Pi’s and an Arduino and I’m feeling like a mad scientist. I’ve got drill bits and Velcro and an extra desk to use as a workstation. Here’s a list of project ideas I have.

1. Overhead camera for storage unit.

2. Robot that patrols the apartment.

3. Christmas light show.

4. Gas detector.

5. A robot that says “hello” whenever someone enters the living room.

The list is endless here. I’m also hoping to use this to brush up on programming. Python and C++ are probably going to be the target languages. Everything is all set to start the first project. I just need to find where I left the camera’s power cord. First project starts this Saturday. For real this time.

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