Programming Station Setup


The corner of the living room has now been reserved for “tinkering”. From left to right: the workstation table in front of the window is where I set up the Raspberry Pi and play with it.


To the left of this table is my television set with the router underneath, so if for some reason the wireless doesn’t work I can still grab an ethernet cable and move my Raspberry Pi to the end of it. It’s also in front of a window to get as much daylight as I can while working.

To the right of this is my new shelf.


Shortly after I ordered this shelf I realized I would need to label all these spots. The bottom middle has nothing in it (yet). I still have four more shelf spaces to attach if I want I just didn’t feel the need to yet. It’s also already a tight squeeze along my wall.

To the right of this is my programming computer.


This computer is running Linux Mint with Atom and Jupyter Notebook for programming C++ and Python respectively.


Programming Python

I’ve been thinking about moving to Visual Studio Code but I’m going to get used to this for a while for now. Everything is all ready for me to go except I’m still waiting on the new Raspberry Pi camera to come in. When it does I’ll probably create a home security camera this weekend.


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