Writing Tools

Scrivener 1

Today I wanted to share my current writing tools. It is all software-based as I don’t use paper anymore. There are four primary pieces of software that I use: Word, Onedrive, OneNote, and Scrivener.

Scrivener is the software you see in the first image above. It is the main software used for actually doing the writing and has literally everything one needs for manuscript creation. It can do everything from adding a cover image to separating the scenes in an organized fashion to compiling the manuscript itself into a format for submission.

OneNote is used for planning. I could use Scrivener for this task, but I prefer to actually hand-write notes. At the same time, paper becomes disorganized fast, so I find OneNote to be the easiest solution. Therefore my trusty Galaxy Tab S3 is the primary note-taker.


As a backup I keep OneNote 2016 on my computer. This enables me to see the notes I’ve taken next to Scrivener side-by-side.


Finally, in order to save files effectively without worrying about losing them I’ve purchased an Office 365 subscription. This gives me 1 Terabyte of storage along with Microsoft Word, which works out fine given that I can view my manuscript in Word before I send it off somewhere. Every time I compile a new submission for my critique partner it adds a new file to help keep track of my progress.


And those are my writing tools. Not much to it. It’s been tough getting going but I’m fixing to kick it up a notch this week seeing as the stars seem much more aligned for me.

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