Ramblings On Stuff

Here are some random thoughts.

1. Social media isn’t so bad after all.

You know that friend. That annoying one who nobody likes but everyone tolerates them because they can do that one thing you need them to. They’re always in your face until it’s time to get the job done. That’s Facebook. That’s Twitter. That’s Instagram. You know… those guys.


2. Canned food is amazing.

I will forever always have between 40-50 cans of soup available at all times.


3. Stop obsessing over the news.

How many new cases are there? Is a vaccine available? I literally can’t stop searching for these things even though I know the answer won’t help me in any way.


4. It’s more important than ever to stay healthy. 

It’s always good to eat right and get regular exercise, but now it’s imperative to keep our immune systems strong.



I am not self-quarantined yet, but I foresee a time when I may be. Hopefully, that day will never come and I will be one of those lucky individuals who never gets sick. I just had to ramble about this for a bit. There’s been so much on my mind.

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