Still More Ramblings On Reading, Writing, And Other Things

A few more random things to share:

1. Reading

I’ve decided not to post any more book reviews. It became a chore to read this past week, and I wound up putting off other things to finish The Toll by Neal Shusterman. It was a good book, by the way.

2. Writing

Writing is entering a new phase. It’s time to start cranking out several pages a day if I’m going to make my end of the year deadline. And yes, I’m back on a deadline. I am determined to see this book through.

3. Social Distancing Is Exhausting

This is so… dang… hard…

4. Bodyweight Exercises Are A Lifesaver

It’s not quite the same as weightlifting since you can’t crank up the resistance, but I’ve learned to keep this as an essential part of my routine. In times like these it keeps me from being a wet noodle.

5. If They Open The Country Back Up I’m Still Living This Way

I get why there’s pressure to open things back up now but the truth is the virus is still out there in large numbers. In this humble blogger’s opinion, we need to give it more time for the numbers to go down. I’m not changing the way I live until they do.

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