A Few Book Details

So I’m going to finally talk about my novel. A little bit. Things change, but here are some facts so far.

  1. It is high fantasy.
  2. It is YA.
  3. There are four main protagonists.
  4. It is the first in a trilogy.
  5. One main character is a princess.
  6. One main character is a soldier (kind of).
  7. The story takes places on various islands.

There’s a lot more to it but this is all I feel comfortable revealing at the moment. The story actually borrows a lot of characters from my first attempted novel, “Gaia’s Gems”. Actually, it’s probably safe to say this is Gaia’s Gems 2.0. The title is still being worked on. The problem I run into with the title is there always seems to be a book with the same name whenever I Google it. Otherwise, there’s still a lot of finite details to plan out though the major stuff is out of the way. When I’m done with the first draft I’ll probably have more details to share.

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