More Book Details


I’ve managed to write three chapters of the first draft these past few weeks, so here’s just a few more details. These are all, of course, subject to change.

  1. The total number of kingdoms is seven (probably).
  2. Each kingdom has its own system of government and way of life.
  3. The novel places strong emphasis on religion and oppression.
  4. Two of the main cast are fugitives.
  5. Magic is fueled by a substance that is mined from the ground on each of the islands.

Like last time I’m trying not to give too much away. Otherwise it would be like one of those “too much information” movie trailers. No use in spoiling the movie, right?

Now that I have three critique partners the novel is beginning to accelerate forward. I plan to have chapter 4 finished soon, and then one more each week thereafter.

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