Novel Update 11/7/2020

I’ve decided to do a progress update for my novel each month. And yes, I’m still writing a book. I’ve written about two or three more “chapters” since the last update but I haven’t had someone look them over or review them because I basically skipped chapter four and went on to later chapters. Today I just sent chapter four to a critique partner, so I consider myself to be on chapter five.

Most of what I’ve done these past weeks is work my eight to five job. Between that, studying for my Network+ exam, writing poetry, hosting an online writing group, and family engagements it’s been difficult to get the ball rolling on the actual book. As it stands I still plan to finish by year’s end 2021. That’s the only timetable that I have in mind for right now.

Poem 10/24/2020

Machetes, monsters, goblins and ghouls.
So much evil, so many rules.
Pretend is all
And not much more
Bring plenty of children
To the front door.

And no other date
Can compare
To the way
People share
Their treats
With care.
And children
The gifts
People bare.

Then darkness.
The sound of the clock
Kids go home.
The doors are locked.
And for the adults
Such a wonderful night
To delight
With movies of fright.

Oh queen of holidays.

Poem 10/10/2020

A leaf so green
It’s wilting
Cast shadows

Remembering how it was,
How it came to be
And there is but nothing
Left to see.
It knows that time is terrible
At this moment
Unforgiving in how it treats
Those under its care.

And others
Carry On
Not forgetting
But remember
It’s splendor

And change
With the times
Keeping with them
Shadows of green.