Bullet Journal Tip: Put Tabs In Your Bujo

Today I wanted to share a method of Bullet Journaling I developed when I was still using a paper bullet journal. Instead of a regular bullet journal this requires a binder.


There are four sections to this binder (A, B, C, and D), each with it’s own index except for D. Section A is for keeping track of future, monthly, and daily logs. Section B is for anything related to “other” stuff, like if you have lists or cheat sheets. Section C is for any drawings you might have if you like to draw art. Section D is simply for new pages.

So why is this useful? In a regular bullet journal when you have a new list or idea you want to add, you have to do the math to keep from breaking up your daily log pages. Your index will also be less organized. With these four sections every new page goes to its appropriate spot at the end of each section. If you make a new daily log page, all you do is go to the last page of section A. Every new idea you have simply goes to the last page in section B. Every new drawing you make goes to section C.

And of course this is not set in stone. You can have as many sections as you want and it works the same. That’s the thing about bullet journals is that they’re unique to each person.

Once again I know from experience how difficult it can be to keep up with things. That’s why I developed my system. I hope this helps you.

How I Stay Clean And Organized

Today I wanted to share with you how I keep my life from going out of control in the organization department. Two and a half years ago I had a serious cleaning problem. I was hardly able to get out of bed without consciously avoiding the mess everywhere. There were receipts all over the counter and floor and I kept tripping over my clothes.

It wasn’t just cleaning either. I couldn’t keep anything organized or straight. I kept forgetting about bills and due dates. I was also forgetting about holidays and family events.

My issues were so daunting they seemed for the longest time like they were here to stay. Here’s a list of things I did to fix the problem.

1. I created a shred box, bought a scanner to scan receipts, and put the rest either in the trash or in a box.

Junk is junk and receipts are no exception. However, some of them were important. I made a makeshift shred box, bought a scanner to scan receipts into my computer, and bought three boxes from Gander Mountain to store all the extra paperwork.

2. I got a bullet journal.

I have three places where I keep everything: my phone, my bullet journal, and my wall calendar.

These three things keep everything backed up and tidy. Every morning and evening I sync the lists on my phone with the bullet journal and the calendar. This way everything is always organized in my head and I know what I’m doing that day.

3. I twist tied cables.

I work an I.T. job by day, and one of the things we do is tidy our cables so they don’t get out of order. I bought a large number of zip ties and twist ties and put everything in a drawer.

4. I changed the lights to get better sleep.

Sleep has always been a challenge for me, partially due to the fact that I’m always around screens. At night time this was a problem. I bought a large number of led lights and changed the daytime ones to white and night time to red. I also bought blackout curtains and filtering glasses to have more control over when the light hit my eyes.

5. I bought containers for all the old junk.

6. I automated.

I bought two Google Homes, a Roomba, and a Canary Camera security system.

7. How it all works together.

So here is an ideal day for me. Google home wakes me up and I immediately get ready for work. If I have time I check my lists and prioritize. I use the white lights in the apartment and my phone to schedule things during the day. When I get off work at night I come home and switch to red lights and turn off the computers. Again, this is an ideal day, and I stick to this process enough to be effective. Both Google Homes are useful for setting timers, alarms, checking weather, and just plain passing the time. At night I sync my bullet journal, calendar, and phone and I stop using my phone as much and instead switch to paper for to do lists. If all goes according to plan I go to bed on time while checking off my to-do lists enough to be satisfied. New receipts are scanned into my phone and discarded or put in a box to the side. All in all this system has been a success and it has improved my sleep and mood.

I’m posting this because I’ve met a lot of people who have the same issues I did. I know from experience it can be a full-time job keeping the house straight and remembering when your appointments are. I hope this helps if you’re one of these individuals.