Another Day At The Beach

I tried to make up for my lost day at the beach this weekend by heading to Gulfport. While it was nice to stick my feet in the sand, it would have been nicer if the water was safer.

After a bit of sandwalking and ocean-gazing, I decided to go eat at a place called Shaggys where I had some pasta with shrimp, crawfish, and crabmeat. It was actually really good but kind of laid back, like eating high quality food but with paper towels for napkins and colored plates and red cups. The whole meal was in the neighborhood of twenty dollars without the tip, which was a bit pricey but as a onetime treat that was okay.

After that I went to Starbucks then went home. Literally I don’t think I spent more than an hour and a half or so down there. There’s just not as much to do without family or a lot of money. Like, buy a boat and go sailing type of money.

Next time has to be with a friend. Or more.

Beach Trip Day 5: The Last Day

We left a day early. Originally, we didn’t have anything planned for today except relaxing in the sand and sun. Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Barry intervened.

It began yesterday when swimming on the beach was closed. Last night the wind was so strong it was forcing the door closed and made me think that the pool was locked. This morning it was on-and-off cloudy. Dad said it was time to pack up. I thought we’d have more time but oh well.

That’s okay. I had plenty of time in the sand as it was. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go out by the pool to make up for that extra day.

Beach Trip Day 3

Today was much sunnier than yesterday. I wound up trying out my new body board. The waves weren’t very high, but it was more of a best effort type of thing. Then this afternoon my dad and I went to a state park for a bike ride.We actually wound up getting lost and it took far longer to finish the trail than it would have otherwise. We had to stop and ask for directions to get back.At seven my folks, brother, and I went to a magic show, after which we ate at the mellow mushroom. Overall, a good day.Oh, and apparently if you take a photo with Night Sight at the beach it looks like someone drew a portrait.

Beach Trip Day 2

This morning was pretty sunny, but as time went on it got cloudier. Eventually they closed the pool because it stormed. That’s okay because I have some good books, Stranger Things, and a Nintendo Switch to keep me occupied.

Right now there’s not much to do but look back and reflect on my life choices. I’ve made a lot of mistakes but a lot of smart moves too. This trip was definitely a smart move.

Beach Trip Day 1

It’s sandy. It’s sunny. It’s gorgeous.Honestly I can’t believe how high-quality this condominium is. There’s a workout room, sauna, indoor pool, outdoor pool, a fountain in the lobby, indoor racquetball court, indoor volleyball court, outdoor tennis court, heated indoor hottub/mini pool, and … oh the beach too. I have no idea what Dad paid for this but it has to be a damn lot. There’s a clear sky outside that accentuates the mood of “nothing can go wrong roght now so enjoy the moment while you’re here.” Tonight we went to Gulf Shores Steamer where I had some of the best stuffed fish I’ve had probably ever. Tomorrow we’ll see what the day brings but it looks nothing but promising for the next week.